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2011-Mar-10 : Chapter Meeting with Julie Clark

There is no question that Julie Clark, our guest speaker, is truly a remarkable woman. She told us that she got her passion for flying from her Dad, Ernie Clark, a professional pilot and her self-proclaimed HERO. Julie told us that from her earliest days she remembers looking up at the sky whenever planes flew overhead. Truly, the excitement of flying is in her blood and in her genes.

When Julie was at college on scholarship in Santa Barbara, her aunt sent her $53 for school books. With that much money in hand, she could not resist. She had her first flying lesson and was finally able to begin her journey to reach her dreams and begin her flying career. She spent many hours training in San Carlos as well as making many friends, who reunited with her at the chapter meeting. She spoke expressively about her difficulty in getting work as a professional pilot in the early 70s because she is a woman. But, as Julie stated, “Persistence paid off!” She ultimately became a Captain for Northwest Airlines.

During her flight career, she restored a military surplus T-34; which she still uses in her show performances where she perfectly executes an aerial ballet program. Julie is highly regarded in her field and is sought after to perform both nationally and internationally.

Julie related some great flying stories, kept the audience (50 of us) laughing while shaking our heads at her boldness. She ended her talk by reminding the audience, “Before you can appreciate the destination, you have to enjoy the journey.” Bravo!

--Cynthia Mendez

Julie performs in her world famous T34 Mentor
Below are pictures from dinner and Julie's presentation.

Julie and her friend Gary pose in front
a cake that an old friend brought

After dinner, the crowd eagerly waited for Julie to start

Julie gives her presentation

Question and Answer time

A letter from Julie

March 13, 2011

Dear Gary & Pamela!

Thank you for a wonderful evening on 10-March and the flowers you presented are quite beautiful!!

First of all, the evening was special to me because I felt like I was speaking to "old friends!", and ended up meeting many people who had common acquaintances with me in some way. This "aviation community" is truly a small circle!! :)

The beautiful orchids I went home with are now in full bloom and are just splendid!! Thank you so much for all!!

Very sincerely,
Julie Clark

Chapter officers Pamela, Gary and Pat present Julie
with an Honorary chapter membership and flowers