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Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2018 1.8mb 1.7mb 2.2mb 1.6mb 2.7mb 2.2mb 2.1mb
2017 3.5mb 3.7mb 3.7mb 3.3mb 3.9mb 4.3mb 4.1mb 3.8mb 7.0mb 3.2mb 2.8mb 161kb
2016 5.6mb 3.4mb 4.3mb 3.6mb 4.1mb 3.6mb 3.5mb 4.0mb 4.0mb 3.9mb 3.7mb 4.2mb
2015 3.1mb 3.2mb 2.5mb 3.1mb 3.1mb 3.1mb 3.3mb 4.3mb 3.1mb 5.6mb 3.4mb 3.2mb
2014 11.0mb 3.3mb 5.4mb 2.4mb 4.7mb 4.1mb 3.3mb 3.5mb 5.9mb 4.5mb 3.4mb 4.7mb
2013 9.9mb 6.7mb 5.9mb 7.6mb 6.2mb 7.5mb 6.1mb 6.2mb 6.0mb 6.1mb 4.2mb 3.1mb
2012 7.2mb 1.9mb 4.3mb 3.2mb 0.8mb 6.1mb 5.9mb 7.2mb 8.2mb 5.8mb 8.5mb 5.0mb
2011 0.2mb 0.3mb 0.3mb 4.2mb 1.8mb 2.2mb 2.8mb 8.0mb 3.7mb 2.9mb 2.4mb 2.3mb
2010 1.7mb 2.2mb 8.1mb 4.4mb 6.5mb 9.7mb 4.7mb N/P 6.6mb 0.6mb 0.4mb 0.4mb
2009 0.7mb 3.6mb 3.1mb 3.5mb 7.3mb 8.3mb ??? ??? 9.4mb 4.6mb 14.6mb 1.3mb
2008 2.1mb 2.1mb 1.6mb 4.3mb 2.4mb 3.3mb 2.0mb 3.4mb 3.9mb 2.3mb 4.5mb 2.8mb
2007 2.6mb 2.0mb 1.8mb 2.1mb 2.1mb 2.4mb 1.4mb N/P 1.3mb ??? 1.5mb ???
2006 2.0mb 1.8mb 1.9mb 2.0mb 2.3mb 1.9mb ??? N/P 0.1mb 2.2mb 1.9mb N/P
2005 2.5mb 2.7mb 2.0mb 2.1mb 2.0mb 1.8mb 1.8mb 2.6mb 2.0mb 2.0mb 2.5mb 1.7mb
2004 2.0mb 3.0mb 1.9mb 1.9mb 3.0mb 2.7mb N/P 2.0mb N/P 2.0mb 2.5mb N/P
2003 3.3mb 2.0mb 1.9mb 2.1mb 3.2mb 3.0mb 0.9mb 2.1mb 2.1mb 3.1mb 2.9mb 1.0mb
2002 ??? 3.2mb 2.2mb 3.2mb ??? ??? ??? ??? 3.6mb 2.8mb 2.3mb ???
2001 2.1mb 2.6mb 2.0mb 3.4mb 3.4mb 2.1mb 1.9mb 3.1mb 3.0mb 3.2mb 3.4mb 2.1mb
2000 2.3mb 3.0mb ??? 2.9mb 3.1mb ??? 2.7mb 2.1mb 3.1mb 3.5mb 2.7mb 2.8mb
1999 0.9mb 3.5mb 3.7mb ??? ??? 2.5mb ??? 3.1mb N/P ??? 3.0mb 2.3mb
1998 ??? 3.7mb 4.0mb 3.6mb 3.5mb 3.7mb ??? 3.6mb N/P 1.1mb ??? 1.0mb
1997 1.5mb 2.3mb 2.2mb 2.2mb 2.6mb 2.0mb 2.2mb 2.4mb N/P ??? ??? ???
1996 1.9mb 2.6mb 2.6mb 3.2mb 2.5mb 2.6mb 2.4mb 1.12mb N/P 1.7mb 1.6mb 2.2mb
1995 0.5mb N/P 1.7mb 1.9mb 1.9mb
N/P = No Issue Published, ??? = Missing Issue

For more information, contact our editor at:

Thanks to Pat Polehla for finding and organizing the chapters collection of past issues.

A SPECIAL thanks to our original newsletter editor Ralph Cloud (current member of EAA-663) for loaning his collection of past issues.

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