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2011-Jun-19 : Father's Day Fly-Out to Hollister (CVH)

Pat & Ken Fathers’ Day, June 21 marked the day for a wonderful fly-out from Hayward to Hollister for a great brunch. Eight of us flew down in six planes. For the dads, it was a nice present to themselves. For the “non-dads” and the two female passengers it was simply a fabulous day to be flying. The weather was Cynthia clear, relatively calm (a couple of minor bumps) and warm. It was so warm that Ken Barnes threw open the windows in his Stinson L-5 to let in the warm air. His passenger, Pat Polehla loved the view as the visibility was great in the L-5. Cynthia Mendez flew with Gary Oberti in his Stearman. She enjoyed the wind in her face, but Gary got a light sunburn on his face and arms. Ah, the pleasure and peril of an open cockpit!

Chris Berge As usual, we ate at the Ding-a-Ling Café and enjoyed their fine food and great service. The Ding-a-Ling must be the go-to place for Fathers’ Day as it was more crowded than usual. But, the hostess was quick to pull some tables together so we could all enjoy each other’s company and airplane talk. We had a few new pilots with us that day - Skip Long, who flies a Lancair IV, Chris Berge who flew his Cessna 180 that day, Setrige Crawford who flies a Lancair Legacy and Buzz Thorman who flies an RV-7. Buzz and Setrige are weekly customers at the Ding-a-Ling Café. So much so that as soon as Buzz sat down the waitress provided him with a to-go box for Lucky with a Happy Fathers’ Day note written on it. Lucky is really lucky as he gets Buzz’ leftovers, and so is a very happy dog.

Another great fly-out event – can’t wait for the next one. Join us soon for some fun and good camaraderie!

--Cynthia Mendez

"Looking up" at the Lick observatory CSU Hayward as seen on a 3 mile final