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Hayward Executive Airport

2011-Apr-01 : Fly-Out to Half Moon Bay (HAF)

It was April fool’s Day - the weather was no joke.

Clear skies in all directions and calm winds made it a perfect day for Chapter 29's April FLY-OUT to Half Moon Bay. Our little squadron headed down Hayward’s Alpha taxi for the 28L run-up. Ground control did sound befuddled with this line of planes zigzagging behind the two radials of Gary Oberti’s Stearman and Bruce Norris’ C-195 both leading the mass taxi. Is this a fitting homage to Bud Field, or what?

Pilot’s Bob Coussan’s C-182, David Montgomery’s Grumman Tiger, Bruce Norris’ C-195, Gary Oberti’s PT-13 and Jerry Turney’s '63 M20C powered up for pre-flight checking- oil hot, mags & prop cycling as tower cleared one plane’s departure after another effortlessly. The crosswind departure was in order and some pilots headed for KSQL, some for the sunken ship, some for Coyote Hills but all en-route to Crystal Springs and Half Moon Bay. (Fly-Out on YouTube)

Before this, of course, we gathered at the wash rack to kick things off. Five more planes taxied up for passengers. Pilots offered rides and sixteen friends and members climbed aboard our group of planes all ready for action.

Gary Oberti taxied the PT13 into place kicking things off. Later, over lunch, Gary said: “...good pilots, good food with great friends turned this Fly-out into the best this year.”

David Montgomery, a yellow Ferrari guy, in his new (to him) Grumman Tiger capped the M20C’s Jerry Turney, a black Ferrari guy, with, If man was meant to fly- Ferrari would build airplanes.

Airplane guys talking Ferrari inspired Bob Burnett’s (1968 Arrow) gallows’s humor from W.C. Fields- On the whole, Id rather be in Philadelphia.

Bruce Norris brought his pops, Capt. Bob Norris, in the C-195. Everyone hopes Capt. Bob will soon bring the yellow 1939 Fleet with its 5 cylinder Kinner engine back to KHWD and join the next Fly-Out. Webmaster Paul drove his C172 and Pat Polehla beamed about the ...great fight, great day and great group.

After lunch, friends climbed in Paul’s Cessna for a Bay Tour but not before he snapped more pictures for an upcoming issue of The Flying Wire. Bob Coussan’s C-182 workhorse hauled family and friends (effortlessly of course) joining the post-lunch Bay Tour with Paul. We should say, this 23 mile flight, KHWD-KHAF, is probably the best world class eye-candy pilots and friends will ever see- beautiful Bay, salt ponds, The City, South Bay, San Carlos to the right, Palo Alto on the left and Bonny Doon Village Airport in the trees 12 O’clock high. All of which prompted Natalie Foster’s: skies, lots of sunshine and all those smiles make this a good day.

Can it get any better? Not a chance.

Chapter 29’s fly-out group landed without issues and taxied to our rendezvous near Eddie Andreini’s Half Moon Bay hangar. The short walk to the Princeton-by-the-Sea eateries was a hop, skip and jump with all the chatter about this and that about the flight. As luck would have it, the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company seated 16 of us without delay. Now the terrific food, quick service and animated table chatter about all things big and small made this lunch a peak Chapter 29 event and there’s no April Fooling about that.

The next Fly-Out will be April 30th following the Young Eagles rally.

--Jerry Turney

The "squadron" - pilots and crew
(left to right) Ian Marsh, Paul Buenrostro, Dave Montgomery, Sarah Marsh, Gary Oberti, Natalie Foster, Bob Coussan, Pat Polehla, kneeling-Bob Burnett, standing-Curt Frank, Judy Roberts, Tim Roberts, kneeling-Bob Norris, Dave Taylor, kneeling-Bruce Norris, kneeling-Jerry Turney

Lunch at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company
Tim & Judy Roberts, Dave Taylor, Bob Burnett, Gary Oberti, Pat Polehla Dave Montgomery, Curt Frank, Natalie Foster, Bob Coussan, Sarah Marsh
Bruce Norris, Bob Norris, Sarah Marsh, Ian Marsh, Curt Frank Pat Polehla, Jerry Turney, Dave Montgomery, Curt Frank, Natalie Foster, Ian Marsh

Taking the long (scenic?) way home
North of the Half Moon Bay airport The Golden Gate bridge
The Palace of Fine Arts in the Marina district Fort Mason and Alcatraz (The Rock)
Downtown San Francisco Getting ready for opening day