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Hayward Executive Airport

2011-Jan-23 : Fly-Out to Half Moon Bay (HAF)

This month's fly-out on January 23rd from HWD to HAF took off at 1230 in a flight of 3 airplanes: Gary Oberti & Shirley Pfiefer in the Bonanza, Dave Montgomery & Dan Seidel in the Grumman Tiger, and I flew with George Mendonca in his sporty little Kitfox. It was an uneventful 16 minute flight over to HAF in near perfect weather conditions. It was so clear that you could see all the way to the Farralon Islands.

The weather brought out lots of traffic that was converging in the pattern over the airport. As we entered the pattern, we had to wait for two aircraft to depart, one to land ahead of us, and two antique Cessna tail draggers entering from over the ocean behind us. George's collision detection system was talking up a storm, and continued to do so as we taxied off the active, until we finally had to shut her off. This was an ominous sign that the lines were going to be long at the restaurants in town. True to form, on a day like this, the guest parking at the south end of the airport was filling up. We strolled into town and stopped at the restaurant with the shortest line - Ketch Joannes. We had an uneventful but long lunch.

We took off around 1430. George and I left the group and headed south along the coast for a few miles, and took some photos of the beached fishing vessel "Phyllis J" that ran aground there a few weeks ago. We found it partially hauled up on the beach in preparation for loading it on a trailer to be trucked to a boatyard somewhere for repairs and refloating.

As we came back across the south bay, we over flew the Chieftain, the square rigged sailing vessel used in the movie "Master and Commander" a few years back. We touched down with a perfect 3 point landing at HWD, taxied to the hanger, and put the Kitfox to bed until the next time out.

--Dave Taylor

(L to R) Gary Oberti, Dave Taylor, George Mendonca, Dave Montgomery & Dan Seidel (L to R) Shirley Pfiefer, Dave Taylor, Dave Montgomery, George Mendonca & Dan Seidel
Outside of the Ketch Joanne resturant Waiting for lunch to be delivered
Dave Montgomery is waiting to taxi out in his Grumman Tiger Gary goes through his check list while George is #1 for takeoff
On right downwind for 30 Half Moon Bay and Harbor
Looking South towards Pidgeon Piont Looking North towards Half Moon Bay
The "Phyllis J" waits on the beach Sail boats on a calm San Francisco Bay
Pictures courtesy of Dave Taylor & Shirley Pfiefer