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What is it all about?

Chairman The Young Eagles program is sponsored by the Experimental Aircraft Association. It is designed to expose young people to aviation by providing FREE rides in private aircraft flown by experienced EAA member pilots. Since it's inception in 1992, over 1.9 MILLION children have been given rides! World renowned Champion Aerobatic pilot Sean D. Tucker has been the Young Eagles Chairman since 2013. He is the fifth chair of Young Eagles, following behind the late Cliff Robertson, Gen. Chuck Yeager, Harrison Ford and co-chairmen Sully Sullenberger & Jeff Skiles.

Who can fly?

Flights are open to children from ages 8 to 17. Our goal is to introduce the children to aviation and all that it has to offer. As they grow many Young Eagles report their first flight in a small plane as being a significant experience in their lives and for some even a turning point. We work with:

What to do?

Pat & Sean If you would like to participate in one of our Young Eagles Rallies, please send an email to our Young Eagles coordinator Parents must fill out and complete a registration/release form available the day of the flight. More information for parents can be found here.

Where to go?

The Hayward Executive Airport. 20301 Skywest Drive, Hayward, CA 94541

When to be there?

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  • January 27 (2018)
  • February 24 (2018)
  • March 24 (2018)
  • April 28 (2018)
  • May 19 (2018) [Note - 3rd Sat]
  • June 23 (2018)
  • July 28 (2018)
  • August 25 (2018)
  • September 22 (2018)
  • October 27 (2018)
  • December 8 (2018) [Note - 2nd Sat]
Don't forget to bring your camera!

How much does it cost?

That is the BEST part of all. It does not cost you a thing. The volunteers and the pilots donate their time and fuel for the airplanes. All you have to do is show up and we will do the rest. Now how can you pass up a deal like that?

We will see you at the next Rally!

More Information

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Rod Machado wrote a wonderful article for parents in AOPA magazine outlining the virtues of exposing kids to aviation.

World's Largest Logbook Click on the "Worlds Largest Logbook" to look up your pilot or your Young Eagles flight.

Young Eagles can also create a personalized Young Eagles certificate!

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