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Hayward Executive Airport

2014-Jan-25 : Young Eagles Rally at Hayward

We are off to a great start in 2014! Even though the group was small, for this time of year it was large. Our 5 pilots flew 21 kids in all. The weather was fantastic; temperatures were in the 60’s, which is warm for January.

Even with the good weather, our display of planes was small. Remember our Young Eagles Rallies are also Display Days. So come bring out your plane and show it off! Even the other volunteers like to see the display planes.

Haven’t volunteered before (flying or ground) but want to and have questions? Just send me an email at I’ll give you the information. We welcome any additional help.

Thanks to all who participated and hope to see you back and some new volunteers at our next rally on February 22.

Pat & Nancy

Young Eagles flown: 21
Year to Date Young Eagles flown: 21

Young Eagles and their pilots

Young Eagles Rally Young Eagles Rally
Young Eagles Rally Young Eagles Rally
Young Eagles Rally