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2010-Dec-04 : Christmas Party at SkyWest

Thanks to everyone that attended and helped make this years party a great success.

I would like to give a special Thank You to the 'Dynamic Duo' of Nancy Hursh and Cynthia Mendez. The party would never have happened with out the tireless efforts of these two sisters.

Below are pictures of some of the many chapter members and friends that attended.
Lonnie and Steve Ilmberger, Greg Jacobs Professor and Mrs. Gotcher
Barbara & Harry Shin Shirley Pfiefer, Gary Oberti, Gayle Jenkins
Paul Robinson and Tency Franco Nancy Hursh, Pat Polehla
Chuck and Darleen Sandford Robert Tucknott
Ruth Bley, Danny Paulas, Ananda Shorey Ian Marsh and Victoria Utvick
Ruth Bley and Chris Berge Dick and Sophie Ogg
Phil Leong, Ed Dutreau and Marilyn Dash Rob and Leslie Monaghan
Tim and Barbara Carman Mr & Mrs Dave Montgomery
Dr. Mark Tambellini, Marilyn Oberti, Adam Hunt Gayle Jenkens, Michael Oberti, Carrey Laudenslayer, Mike Sorrano, Michelle Oberti
Dan Seidel, Richard Johnson and Charles Wells Adam Hunt and Victoria Utvick
Cynthia Mendez and Ken Barnes
dancing the night away