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Hayward Executive Airport

2010-Apr-29 : B-17 'Aluminum Overcast' at Hayward

The B-17 stop in Hayward was a big success! The weather was great and the crew touring with the B-17 wants to come back to Hayward next year. We started with 36 pre-booked flights and sold an additional 20 on site for a total of 56 seats. Not as good as last year, but the whole tour has been down due to the economy. The ground tours and merchandise sales went quite well.

Many thanks to the volunteers from Chapter 29 and 20, especially those who were there for the duration.

-- Pat Polehla

Taxiing in Aluminum Overcast taxis up to the ramp at Bud Field Aviation
Loading Loading up for a flight
Flying High Enjoying the ride
Protection Protecting the Hayward Executive Airport with 50 calibers
What a view Viewing the Coyote Hills from the Nose Gunners position
Visit 1 Visit 2 Happy Visitors

B17 Tour B17 Tour (story and pictures by Ananda Shorey)