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2013-Jul-13 : Flyout to CAF Pancake Breakfast (MOD)

At the HWD washrack We met at the HWD wash rack for an early flyout on Saturday July 13, 2013. Our planned meeting time was 9:00 am to depart at 9:30, which was not very early due to the ever-anticipated marine layer. I was on the way to the airport at 7:30 am since we had one plane that needed to leave early, and I wanted to ensure selected passengers were there. I was pleasantly surprised to see clear skies. It was a great morning for a flyout.

VAA29 breakfast table The Commerative Airforce Pancake Breakfast is a well-organized operation. There was plenty to eat. There were eggs (fried or scrambled), bacon, pancakes (pecan or plane), beans, fruit, beans, and biscuits with gravy. We had a table all set up for us, complete with “VAA #29” banners to make us feel welcome. I ate so much that I felt I needed to recalculate weights and balance before flying back!

- Mike

Number of People: 12
Number of Planes: 5 – Mooney (no photo), Kitfox, Citabria, Grumman, Cessna 172
George's Kitfox Steve's Citabria
Dave's Grumman Mike's Cessna
Checking in Reserved table
CAF Pancake Breakfast CAF Pancake Breakfast
CAF Pancake Breakfast CAF Pancake Breakfast