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2013-Feb-16 : Flyout to Half Moon Bay (HAF)

I was wondering where everyone was when 11:00 o’clock came around on Saturday. I was at the washrack, on a really nice, balmy February day (as specified by Mike’s email). Within minutes, Bob Tucknott showed up in the 206, followed by Gary in the Bonanza. Pat Polehla, Nancy Hursh, and I provided company and served as spotters, since there was quite a bit of traffic, both on the to the coast and in the pattern on arrival. Other than that, it was CAVU and smooth on the trip.

We decided to sit outside at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company. Since it was a Saturday and we had to wait a little while, Bob took the opportunity to introduce the rest of us to the Deep-Fried Artichoke Hearts. They were delicious! When we got seated, “half a Shrimp Louie” was the most common meal and reports were very positive. Did I say it was a nice day?

After lunch we all took a stroll through the Oceana Hotel and Spa. Most of us had no idea that there is a “mall” in back of the place. See: Harbor Village for more information. We also saw a few new restaurants that we didn’t previously know about and will add to the list to try on another visit to HAF.

By the time we headed back, a bit of haze had formed, but it was still good VFR conditions. Bob and I returned via Palo Alto and Woodside with no problem. Gary had a “more direct return” planned, but was given direction to do 360s, based on something at San Carlos. Other than that the trip back was uneventful and very nice.

We all hope that more Chapter members can join in on the fun on the next fly out.

- Tim Roberts

Number of People: 5
Number of Planes: 2 – Cessna 182, Bonanza
Placeholder for group picture
Taxi past the L-5 Veronique
(Photos courtesy: Tim)