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2013-Jan-19 : Flyout to Watsonville (WVI)

This was the first VAA29 flyout for 2013. Initially we had decided to fly just over the hill to Half Moon Bay and partake of the local cuisine in Princeton. With this destination in mind I flew off ahead over to San Carlos to grab Michael, one of our scholarship winners to come along on the trip. Once at San Carlos I got a phone call from Mike, our Webmaster stating that back at Hayward a decision was made to forego Half Moon Bay in favor of Watsonville. Good choice, and after a little quick planning we headed south, to Santa Cruz County, KWVI. The flight was quick, smooth and painless. Before long we were on downwind for runway 20 for landing.

KWVI is a great airport, 4 runways and lots of services. This airport is home to the Watsonville EAA airshow each year. Loads of activity going on all the time at this airport. Unfortunately it’s right out on the coast, so during the late spring and summer months its IMC most of the time. Not today however, it was clear with the temperatures in the low 70’s.

Five planes, two Bonanzas, a Cessna 182, a Stinson L5 and of course me, in my Citabria. Our VAA 29 squadron brought fourteen of us to Props Restaurant & Lounge. Props is a new and nicely decorated place, great food and service is what awaited us inside. We had heard the place was great, now we would know for certain.

The menu was filled with traditional American food, with a contemporary flair, or at least that was the slogan of Props. Well, the food was delish, the weather could not have been better, nor the company. The trip back went even faster with a good tail wind adding about 20 MPH to the ground speed of the Citabria.

All in all a delightful and fun flyout. We must visit here again soon seemed to be the general consensus of the group.

- John Buckham

Number of People: 14
Number of Planes: 5 – Citabria, Stinson L-5, Cessna 182, Bonanza x 2
Bob's Cessna 182 at the HWD Washrack Ready to go
Taxi past the L-5 Veronique
Coyote Hills HAF Fly-Over
Max is a good passenger! WVI
Short-final on 20 John's Citabria

Lunch at Props Lunch at Props
Lunch at Props Lunch at Props
Lunch at Props Lunch at Props
Lunch at Props Lunch at Props
Back to the planes Gary's Bonanza

Placeholder for group picture
(Photos courtesy: Michael, John, and Mike)