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2012-Oct-13 : Modesto (MOD) CAF Pancake Breakfast

October 13th was another fantastic flying day in the Bay Area, and fifteen ravenous Chapter members set out for Modesto to attend the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) Central Valley Squadron’s monthly pancake breakfast.

Earlier in the week the weather had been cloudy and overcast, barely clearing by mid-day. With the breakfast scheduled for 8:30 to 11:00, there was some concern that we could launch and make the flight safely; “scud-running for pancakes” is not a common NTSB accident theme. So, we were pleasantly surprised when daybreak revealed bright blue skies and light winds.

HWD Washrack Chapter members Cynthia Mendez, Nancy McCoy, Roz Reilly, Becky Smith, Mimi Steel, Ken Barnes, Ross Bausone, John Buckham, Bob Burnett, Steve Kauzlarich, George Mendonca, Gary Oberti, Tim Roberts, Mike Smith and Harry Shin assembled at 9:00 at the HWD wash rack, where “seat assignments” were decided. A nice touch was the North American P-51H and Grumman Wildcat which departed shortly before us, accompanied by their great engine sounds. Three Citabrias flew out together as a flight, and other Chapter aircraft included a Kitfox, Skyhawk, Bonanza, and Stinson L-5. The flight was very pleasant, with only a light haze over the Central Valley.

Breakfast table Upon arrival, we were very pleased to see that Mary Mount of the CAF had set up special seating for our group, complete with signs for VAA Chapter 29 (I had called ahead and let her know we were coming). The breakfast was outstanding, with two types of pancakes, fried and scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy, Portuguese beans, fruit, coffee and orange juice. And all this for $6.00!

After breakfast, we had more opportunities for socializing, as well as taking the obligatory VAA Chapter 29 group photos. A great day for flying, a fantastic breakfast, and excellent company were all combined for a memorable fly-out. Thanks to everyone who participated; we should do this again soon!

Harry Shin

Number of People: 15
Number of Planes: 7 – Citabria x 3, Stinson L-5, Kitfox, Cessna 172, Bonanza
George's Kitfox Steve's Citabria
John's Citabria Hary's Citabria
Harry landing Harry Taxiing
DC3 from final approach DC3 at Lodi
Lodi Cafe Counter Lodi Cafe Decor

DC3 from inside the cafe Group photo
DC3 from inside the cafe Group photo
DC3 from inside the cafe Group photo
DC3 from inside the cafe Group photo
DC3 from inside the cafe Group photo
DC3 from inside the cafe Group photo

DC3 from inside the cafe
(Photos courtesy: John, Steve, and Mike)