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2012-Apr-07 : Fly-Out to Half Moon Bay (HAF)

Veronique We had a small flyout with my C-172, Gary's Stearman, and John's Bellanca 7ECA Citabria. Our newest member Veronique joined Gary on her first flight in a Stearman. Welcome to the chapter Veronique!

John was delayed for departure, so we left without him! Michael Mainero was gracious enough to stay back for John. Because of the timing though, I didn't get any pictures of his beatiful Citabria. We'll get some on the next time he takes her out.

John's write-up follows.

- Mike Smith

After being delayed I finally got to the airport and pulled 88397 out of the hanger. Michael Mainero was already waiting for me when I pulled up. After a quick preflight we were off.

The winds were mild and the air smooth. Perfect day to fly. We headed west through KSQL's airspace and headed over the hill to HMB. The flight took a little over 30 minutes. Once at HMB we joined up with the group luncheon in progress.

The 30 Cafe in KHMB is something of a local legend, serving killer breakfasts seems to be their strong suit, before 9 AM the place is packed! You'll need to wait to get a table.

After we lunched up, we headed back to KHWD. Nice flight, good times.

- John

Number of People: 8
Number of Planes: 3 - Cessna 172, Stearman, and Citabria

Mike went east of San Jose Mike and Katie
Gary went straight there Monterey from the Bonanza
Gary Nancy
Greg, Pat, Nancy, and Becky Katie, Mike S., Gary, and Mike M.
John, Bob, Dave, and Tim Monterey Bay
Santa Cruz Mountains San Jose
Moffet... then home
Monterey Bay... from a Cessna
Point Pinos The Saddle

(Photos courtesy: Veronique and Becky)