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Hayward Executive Airport

2012-Jan-28 : 29er Diner Fly-Out (O69)

It was a beautiful, clear day in the SB Bay Area. After another successful Young Eagles Rally with 35 children flown, an intrepid group of club pilots and passengers took off for Petaluma and the infamous 29er Diner. The views from the air were awesome, with the Golden Gate Bridge and a crystal blue Bay on the left and Mount Diablo (the Polish VOR) on the right. Of course every pilot knows that the 29er Diner is named after runway 29, the predominant landing direction of Petaluma Airport. Only on Saturday, the wind had changed direction and we landed on runway 11. I flew up in the Bonanza of our fearless leader, Gary Oberti, only Gary was sitting in the right seat. As the gimp that he is, he was unable to fly so Doug Poulton volunteered to be PIC. He did a great job for someone who had not flown a Bonanza for over 30 years. Oops, wish I had known that earlier. Actually, Doug is such a great “stick”, he flew as if he flew a Bonanza every day.

My friend, Steve Kaularich, joined us. He is part owner of a Citabria on the field but he has not been flying. Let’s all encourage him to join our Chapter and get checked out in his Citabria.

airplane picture After a great lunch, we walked out to the ramp only to find a very unique airplane which may be one of our mystery airplanes so I cannot disclose the answer. Doug took the first guess at the type of airplane and actually guessed it wrong….but he was very close. Instead of the airplane that he guessed and called rare as hens teeth (can’t tell you that airplane either lest I gave the critical hint), when we found the owner, he told us that his airplane was related to the type that Doug had guessed only his was one of a kind in the US…talk about rare.

Leaving Petaluma turned out to be quite the challenge. We were lined up about 15 deep waiting to take off while landing traffic seemed to appear out of nowhere and slow our progress toward the runway. It reminded me of pictures of major airports at rush hour lined up for take off…but in Petaluma? Who would have known? I flew home with George, the Polish VOR (Mt Diablo) on the left and the Bay on the right. As we approached Hayward, we saw an airplane off to our right, low and slow. We slowed down to let the other airplane pass and followed him in to Hayward.

All in all it was a wonderful day. Makes me want to get an airplane and start flying again. Flying is great for the soul. It gives you perspective and sets your mind soaring. Hopefully the spirit of adventure that aviation encourages will rub off on all those Young Eagles who flew in the morning.

--Mimi Steel

Number of People: 13
Number of Planes: 5 - 3 Cessna 172's, a Grumman Tiger, and a Beech Bonanza

Dave, Bob, and Mike Dave, Bob, and Mike

George, Michael, and Doug George, Michael, and Doug

Nancy, Pat, and Mimi Nancy, Pat, and Mimi
Gary, Tim, and Steve Gary, Tim, and Steve

(Photos courtesy: CubbyBear Photography)