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2011-Oct-22 : Fly-Out to Half Moon Bay (HAF)

Late in the week, an email was sent out to the chapter members about the possible good weather and the idea of a flyout to Half Moon Bay (KHAF). Only a couple of us were able to go on short notice, but it still ended up being a very fun day!

We met up at the wash rack at about 10:40a with Gary’s PT-13 Stearman and John’s Citabria. Paul & Margarita had to go fill up his Cessna 172, and after waiting for about 20 minutes, we were edging to go. Pat jumped in the front seat of Gary’s and I jumped into the backseat of John’s Citabria and we taxied out.

The takeoff line for 28L was slow, especially with the wake turbulence from a departing Learjet. Paul ended up beating us by using 28R, but soon we were off! But than we found another dilemma…

Paul was able to get cleared through the San Carlos airspace right before us, but that little time difference ended up with Stearman & Citabria to have to circle over the Bay and Coyote Hills for 15 minutes while SQL’s Tower Controller was overwhelmed with other traffic, including a Pilatus PC-12 with a possible nose gear hydraulic failure.

Once we finally got cleared through SQL’s airspace, we aimed direct to HAF. We were all so happy that we weren’t in the traffic line on Highway 92 into the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Fest. The sky had been clear for us, and as we passed over the mountains, I thought about how little turbulence there was. That idea changed when John and I pulled +2 and -1 G’s in a mild bump—which also popped our door open AND caused John to set the parking brake with his knee. For the rest of the way, we had to deal with the turbulence, as well as a 15kt crosswind across the runway. All in all, it took us an HOUR to get to HAF from HWD!

Once we got on the ground, we took our group photo at the Princeton sign, and then settled on the Half Moon Bay Brewing Co. for lunch. The food was great and we also saw who we think might have been Julie Clark on final to HAF in her yellow T-28.

John and I had to leave earlier than everyone else, but the winds had died down, and there was much less turbulence than in the morning. I was dropped off at San Carlos, and than John continued back to Hayward. This was a day to remember!!

Story & pictures by: Michael Mainiero

The San Mateo bridge Coyote Hills—still holding…
Northern Crystal Springs Reservoir, Highway 280, and Highway 92 (look @ the traffic!) Lots of Traffic…
On final over the harbor Lots of Pumpkins!
More traffic… The gang's all here
Julie Clark's T-28? John’s Citabria taking of from KSQL
Half Moon Bay Airport On final @ KSQL (That’s George Mendonca’s Kitofox running up on the left)