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2011-Oct-08 : Fly-Out to Vacaville (VCB)

A Fly-Out to Vacaville for the 3rd Annual "Mustang Days" gathering

A group of VAA Chapter 29 pilots and crew members were greeted by an absolutely stunning flying day on October 8th. A decision had been made earlier in the week to fly up to Nut Tree Airport to check out the Mustang Days gathering (The Daily Republic). A gaggle of aircraft (or does that term only apply to geese?) met at the wash rack about 10:30, and plans were made for some to fly up in formation. Gary's Stearman was accompanied by two Citabrias (John and me) and we were joined by Paul's Skyhawk around mid-flight. Dave's Grumman went by as a silver blur and was seen later on the ramp at Nut Tree; Damon also flew up separately in his Cessna 195.

The flight crews of the formation (Roz, Michael, Lonnie, Tim, and Pat) were quite busy with their cameras and got some nice shots during the flights and at the show.

There was a speaker's stand with narrative going on during the show and this would be occasionally punctuated by the sound of a Merlin engine starting up and the fly-by of a Mustang. The gathering was very nice with outstanding aircraft in attendance, along with some really nice cars. A tribute to the Mustangs, airplanes and automobiles alike, as well as the internal combustion engine in general...

--Harry Shin

on the way to "Mustang Days"

The Mighty P-51 Mustangs

The Clones (7/8 scale "Thunder" Mustangs)

Hayward based airplanes on display