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2011-Jul-23 : Fly-Out to Petaluma (O69)

On Saturday, July 23rd, after our Chapter's Young Eagle event, it was decided to fly out to Petaluma to have lunch at the Two Niner Diner. While seeing who was planning to go, Young Eagles coordinator Pat Polehla mentioned she hadn't had the opportunity to fly with me in the Citabria (as part of her check ride program (!) for VAA Chapter 29 Young Eagles pilots), so we flew up together.

Sometimes these high pressure situations are difficult for me, but I bucked up to meet the challenge. Striving to optimize the flight by the most direct flight path, a transponder code was requested for transition through Oakland's Class C airspace, using GPS for a straight shot to Petaluma. Clear air and then a little VFR "on top" saw us arriving well ahead of the other contestants, uh, chapter members. A three point landing was demonstrated for Pat during the landing ("Yes Patricia, each bounce counts as a point"). The Citabria was secured, and Pat and I were wondering if there had been a last minute change of plans when Gary finally arrived in his Bonanza.

Assured that the others were on their way, we staked out a table on the covered porch area anticipating about eight people, but ended up with twelve: Pat Polehla, Gary Oberti, Alberto Rossi, Greg Jacobs, Rich Cunningham, George Mendonca, Cynthia Mendez, Ken Barnes, Betty Salcedo, Tim Roberts, Paul Buenrostro, and me. Our aircraft covered a wide range of types: Bonanza V35, Cessna 185 amphibian, Mooney Ovation, Stinson L-5, Cessna Skyhawk, and Citabria.

Lunch service was, shall we say, "relaxed", although the kitchen did a good job of getting delicious meals out to twelve people at essentially the same time. The normal airport restaurant camaraderie and tales were evident, " there I was at 20,000 ft when the airplane went into an inverted flat spin, and ....".

Sitting outside on a summer day having lunch with your airport buddies is a nice way to spend an afternoon. Thanks to all who were able to make it and an invitation to others to join us for future fly-outs.

--Harry Shin

(Photos courtesy: CubbyBear Photography)