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Hayward Executive Airport

2011-Feb-12 : Fly-Out to Sacramento (SAC)

Late on Friday afternoon, I saw an email about the possibility of a Fly Out to Sacramento Executive airport and the weather was scheduled to be sunny. I had some tentative plans, but nothing that couldn’t be postponed for awhile, since the prognosticators said that rain and “real” winter weather is scheduled to be with us for a while.

There were only a few of us with flexible enough schedules to participate (Gary, Shirley, Paul, and me). Gary and Shirley took the Stearman and Paul and I chased them all the way, but they were already on the ground when we arrived. The weather was pretty decent, but there was some haze that meant we didn’t see the SAC until we were about 15 miles out. However, above 2,500 feet it was more like CAVU conditions and we got a great view of the snow-covered Crystal Range and much of the rest of the Sierra Nevada mountains…sweet!

We ate at Aviator’s restaurant, right at the airport. I remember that it used to be a Red Baron or Blue Max, or something, but someone said that was over 10 years, ago (well, you all know I haven’t had a plane for quite a while). It turns out that Shirley, Paul, and I had all lived in or around Sacramento, so we had some extra items to talk about.

Since I used to be a member of EAA Chapter 52, in Sacramento, I remembered that they have a monthly pancake breakfast at their own hangar (yes, they own it) at Yolo county airport (KDWA). We talked about scheduling some future Chapter 29 Fly Outs to various EAA functions, such as this. I think they have some other local Chapter’s breakfasts or lunch barbecues at Schellville, Willits, Oroville, and Santa Rosa. What do you think?

--Tim Roberts

(L to R) Gary, Shirley, Tim & Paul
Gary taxis up to the run-up area for a departure on 20
Gary shows his smoke system to a crop duster field in the delta